Uses For Water Pumps

There are plenty of uses for water pumps, mostly, water pumps are used to provide continuous supply of water to industrial / commercial establishments, houses, hospitals, aquariums, etc. We can also use these water pumps to supply and transport various forms of liquid, depending on the capacity of that Pump.

Machines have made our life very easy, there was a time when people use to draw water from wells and carry it around in buckets or containers. However that is History now. Way back in 1700s, the first water pump was invented by Joseph Montgolfier in 1796 and life has become much more comfortable since then.

The most commonly used types of water pumps are submersible pumps and jet pumps, there are various uses of water pumps, let’s take a look at some important uses-

Residential use

A water pump is one of the most important machines used in our house; it is used to transfer water from storage tank or water well to our bathroom, washbasin, kitchen, it is also used in garden water sprinkling systems to automate water supply to gardens/ lawn, another important use is to pump out rain water accumulated in building’s basement.

Agricultural use

More than 2.5 billion rural people around the world are involved in agriculture for their livelihood and it is not possible to cultivate anything without adequate water supply during all seasons, a good water pump plays an important part in the agricultural water supply system. Water pumps are used to transfer water from water wells, water tanks, lakes, streams and rivers towards farm lands and animal shelters; sometimes it is also used to sprinkle liquid fertilizers on crops.

Industrial use

For any given industry, water supply system is the most important thing in the day to day work, some local governments ask industries in their areas to install a good water supply system and maintain adequate water levels in their tanks to handle fire accidents. Water supply system ensures adequate water supply to the required application department, and it transports water from the water tank or storage to the required point, water pump is the heart of any water supply system.

Fire fighting use

The two most important things used during fire fighting are chemical fire extinguishers and water. Whenever we visit any office, we can see an overhead water sprinklers; just imagine what will happen if water does not come out of those sprinklers in case of fire. Water pump plays an important part in functioning of these sprinklers. Water pump pulls water from the storage tank and applies force to the water so that it can reach the water sprinklers on every floor of the given building.

There are some more uses for water pumps, so before we go out to buy a water pump, we can visit water pump makers’ websites, and go through features and price list for the kind of water pumps we are looking for. This way we will have enough information about the product which we are planning to buy.