Water Pump Replacement Cost – What you can expect to pay

A broken water pump, though a common occurrence among motorists, can present a frustrating experience especially if you have to drive your car in this condition for a while. A replacement is always essential when a breakage is identified since any delays could end up costing you megabucks. The complexity of changing water pumps requires you to enlist the services of a professional mechanic. This is one reason as to why you need to have a thorough understanding of water pump replacement cost before setting out to the garage.

Basically the cost of replacement is determined by the make and model of your car. It is of the essence to note that some vehicles require extensive replacement procedures while for others it is indeed a simple process. A viable suggestion is for you call local mechanics and ask for cost estimates so that you can easily make the right decision. Here is a breakdown of typical water pump replacement costs.

Water Pump Replacement CostIn case you want your car’s water pump replaced by a mechanic, the cost will probably be on the range of between $300 and $750 depending on the model and make of your vehicle. If you decide to purchase separately, either online or from local stores, the water pump may end up costing you extra $50 $100, depending on the type of your car. You should expect to pay replacement costs that are within the range of $200-$450 once labor is factored in. The amount however depends on the difficulty or ease of obtaining the pump, whether additional parts need to be removed and whether the vehicle utilizes a timing chain or belt. This is a job that requires about three to four hours to complete when handled by a good mechanic.

Opting for dealerships may cost you more but the beauty of it is that they utilize parts that are manufactured by the car maker and their technicians are well versed with parts of cars they specialize in. Independent repair shops use aftermarket parts that do not originate from the automaker but are in tandem with the required specifications. Additional cost may be involved if the coolant needs to be added or the fan belts need to be repaired as well.

A mechanic may suggest a replacement of the timing chain or timing belt together with the water pump if they are worn. This usually goes a long way towards reducing the overall cost quite admirably. This always serves as a good idea since there will be no need of replacing them separately any time soon. Some repair shops offer a 10 percent discount or thereabout and therefore it is always important to enquire about this before you enlist a replacement service.

The best way to know more about water pump replacement cost in your area is by checking online. Finding the exact water pump online is quite easy since most online retailers have a feature where all you need is to input your pump’s registration in order to get the price details. Labor rates usually vary from location to another and it is important to know the costs that are applicable in your area.

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